Operation Empower Her

Operation Empower Her personal safety training gives adults practice in dealing effectively with both difficult and dangerous people. Practicing the words to say and the actions to take in the moment can prevent and stop problems with people who don't respect boundaries. Learning self-defense prepares adults to protect themselves from an attacker. We invite women in our self defense workshops to practice "People Safety" skills to deal with common safety situations in a straightforward, practical way at home, on travel, at work, and in their communities.

Operation Empower Her offers High School and University Campus Assault Prevention workshops that emphasize setting boundaries with others in a group living situations. We also focus on how to manage conflicts and misunderstandings that can occur in a new environment like a college campus. Managing peer pressure and attaining skills to get help along with self defense skills makes our seminars a powerful must have before leaving for a university environment.

Operation Empower Her inspires participants to practice taking powerful and effective action in the face of verbal or physical attacks. Each student gets tailored, one-on-one Full Force physical self-defense skills, coaching and practice with a padded instructor. We also incorporate skills that give students more in-depth practice of self-defense on the ground, against weapons, and against multiple attackers.

Operation Empower Her encourages seniors to be aware that as we age, life changes might lead to challenges from mobility, health, and loss of loved ones. We need new ways to feel safe while continuing to live life to its fullest. We prepare older adults to use their power to take charge of their emotional and physical safety in contexts that are relevant to their lives.

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