Operation Empower Kids Workshop

Our workshops provide hands-on training for teachers, administrators and parents who want to address bullying and create safe environments for students and children.  Learn about our workshop options and get in touch with our team.

Workshop Options

Getting Started with an Anti-Bullying Workshop - A 2-hour introductory session designed for site staff or school teams.
This two-hour workshop introduces the resources and tools available on the Operation Kids Empower website with positive strategies to prevent and respond to bullying and intolerance.

The workshop includes:

  • An overview of state and federal anti-bullying legislation and requirements for schools
  • Basic information about bullying prevention and intervention
  • Methods to address bullying and cyberbullying
  • Effective ways to teach students to be upstanding

Anti-Bullying / Intolerance Workshop - A 2-day workshop (or 4 half-day sessions) designed for site staff, teams, or individual teachers or administrators.

This workshop will help site staff or school teams design and prepare a campaign to address bullying and intolerance on their campus. Participants will actively be guided through a process, working together to create an action plan for instituting their unique localized workshop. They will be introduced to resources, films, and lesson guides that will help them unleash creativity and empower student leadership. They will learn strategies for sustaining attitudinal and behavioral changes to reduce all forms of social cruelty and increase kindness and student voice on their campus.

The workshop includes:

  • An overview of different groups of students who are often targets of bullying, students with differences (race, gender, sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation, appearance, and disabilities) and how to facilitate discussions and lead activities aimed to address and reduce stereotypes.
  • Tools and models for designing and completing a site needs assessment that meets the anti-bullying legislative requirements and addresses particular issues of bullying and intolerance on campuses/districts.
  • Best practices in training staff and students to identify, prevent, and intervene in face-to-face bullying and cyber-bullying situations.
  • Strategies for role-playing that help bystanders learn to become upstanders.
  • Hands-on work with action plans, learning to create leadership teams by drawing from student and community groups as well as educators.

Addressing bullying and intolerance prevention and intervention
Participants will learn about best practices and models for addressing bullying and intolerance at their school sites.

The workshop includes:

  • Statistics on incidents of bullying and intolerance
  • Social-emotional and academic impact of bullying and cyberbullying
  • Effective research-based models to prevent and respond
  • Supporting the victim
  • Effective methods of intervening for victims and bystanders to become upstanders
  • Supporting behavior transformation for those who bully
  • Targets of bullying and stereotyping
  • Facilitating hard conversations on race, gender, and other forms of intolerance

Parents: Building Empathy at Home and School Workshop - A 2-hour session designed for parents and caregivers.

The workshop includes:

  • Interactive discussions to explore the impact of bullying and stereotyping in their children's personal and school lives.
  • Discussing the importance of building empathy and intercultural understanding in their children.
  • Learning ways to support their children and to prevent bullying among siblings and friends at home.
  • Learning how to partner with schools to foster safe and inclusive environments as well as advocating for their own children.
  • Overview of statistics and impact of bullying and intolerance.

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