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As a charitable organization, Operation Empower makes a powerful impact in our communities to help make the world a safer and better place.   Our goal is to make a significant impact in fighting assaults, bullying, harassment, sexual abuse, abduction, and other types of physical and emotional violence towards women and children.


Our workshops work with schools and organizations throughout the community to provide education in order to teach and empower individuals to take charge of their safety and wellbeing. 


We supply the tools and skills that can be incorporated into daily life to prevent being in threatening or unsafe situations.  In addition, we instruct on how to implement physical self-defense skills.  Our goal is to cover the full spectrum of steps leading from a verbal situation, all the way up to a potential physical encounter.


Our team of experienced and successful defense experts, coaches and parents will work closely with educators, therapists, child safety and law enforcement professionals to inspire confidence, emotional and physical strength in our participants. This will promote a positive self-image and presence which will help workshop attendees not to be a target of potential predators.

Krish Sarker

Jim Smith

Kathy Latifi

Lindsay Thompson

Claudio Guiterrez

Lindsay Wold

Dennis Zollman

Edward White

Scott Barrella

Jodi Larman, Ph.D.

501c3 Determination Letter

501c3 Determination Letter
Operation Empower 501c3 Determination Letter
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