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Children face challenging situations every day at home, at school, online, and in their communities
Sometimes, adults are aware of these issues. Often, they are not. Empower Kids America teaches children positive, practical, and effective ways to think, move, and speak to stay safe in challenging personal safety situations. In addition, we prepare teens and pre-teens to navigate through their world with safety and confidence. Because of their increasing independence, teens and preteens face an especially high risk of violence and assault that can often be prevented through awareness, action, and skills.

Bullying has created misery in too many lives
Taking effective actions to stop bullying is difficult and Operation Kids Empower is here to help. Everyone has the right to be emotionally and physically safe —and the responsibility to act safely and respectfully towards others. Adult leadership is essential to stop bullying in our families, schools, neighborhoods, workplaces, and communities. Operation Kids Empower is committed to partnering with parents, law enforcement, and educators to provide informative and effective seminars in the effort to combat bullying.

Child abuse must be stopped
Learn how to keep children and teens safe from sexual abuse without scaring them or overwhelming them with explicit details about all the bad things that might happen. Operation Kids Empower workshops enables adults to coach children in rehearsing boundary setting and other powerful skills in everyday life in a way that is fun and effective. Children learn to stop unwanted touching and teasing and how to persist until they get help. We teach these skills through role-plays and practices using examples that are age-appropriate and relevant to their daily lives.

Most violence is caused by people we know, not by strangers
Believing that the world is full of dangerous people called "strangers" is emotionally unsafe for kids and adults alike. We can protect kids from most abduction attempts and other violence by learning what to watch out for. We effectively prepare kids with essential skills before letting them go anywhere on their own without adult protection. It's important to ensure that they have skilled adult supervision while their own skills are still developing. Practicing Stranger Safety and self-protection skills successfully helps to increase confidence, develop competence, and reduce anxiety. Operation Kids Empower teaches how to do this in a way that is not scary but fun.

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