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Individual Courses & Workshops


Standard Course/Workshop


Our individual courses are comprised of fundamental strikes, kicks, knees, blocks, awareness, personal and street safety. Our classes cover important content such as Boundary Setting & Assertiveness, Rape Awareness & Resistance which instruct on ground techniques, impairing breaks and pressure points.


Specialty Course/Workshop


Specialty courses at Operation Empower Her include classes lasting 90 minutes to 2 hours. These courses include baton, pepper spray, and stun gun training when in everday situations. These courses include the skills offered in the standard classes with an extension in using disabling weapons.


On Her Own Course/Workshop


This four (4) hour course includes the elements of personal safety critical for this age group, including date rape drugs, jogging safety, safe parking lot strategies, social media net-iquette, on-campus violence, cyber stalkers and more. Young women enjoy and are empowered by our defense methods.


One-On-One Training Course/Workshop


We offer a personalized program of techniques and strategies that fit your lifestyle. Have small children? Learn tips and training to secure the safety of you and your child/children. Is your daughter (7 to 15) being bullied at school? We can customize personalized sessions for the EXACT challenges your child/children are facing.

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